Advanced mHealth, Fertility Management Platform

End-to-end solution that manages and presents data, provides research platform, and improves doctor-patient communications

Hospitals & Clinics

Streamlines work processes and gain better communication and service for your patients with Eve Pro™

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Instant communications between the doctor and the patient allows for better quality of service

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A unique, three-part, multi-layer,
digital and mobile health solution

  • EMR
  • Mobile App
  • Decision Support System and BI Platform

OBG Soft allows gynecologists, clinics and fertility experts to save time and money, using a unique platform that enables them to collect relevant patient data, perform diagnostics, and prescribe the right therapy.
OBG Soft’s solution is designed to provide a fully integrated, easy to use, and personalized solution, with advance collaborative research platform and analytic tools.

Hospitals & Clinics Purchase EvoPro™


Why you should choose Eve Pro™ as your solution

A complete Solution

Unique, 3 part, multi-layer platform: EMR, Mobile App and analytics and BI Platform

Anytime, Anywhere

Mobile and digital health solution provides an anytime, anywhere data delivery system

Vast Experience

OBG SOFT has over 15 years of experience including thorough research and intensive development

Continuous Focused Work

Manages all patient information, including: history, diagnostic results, treatment protocols and procedures

Saves Time & Money

SaaS based, cost effective solution, reduces overhead significantly and improve clinics' efficiency

Analytics and BI Platform

From Descriptive to Predictive – using Big Data and Bio-Informatics data processing techniques, to detect patterns, generate
actionable alerts and suggestions